Why Read Breaking Vases?
Dima’s memoir is not only a gripping, real-life account of a Middle-Eastern woman’s life and upbringing, it is a story of resilience, perseverance, and self-discovery. From early life in a subservient culture to boldly pursuing her passions, Dima’s tale will inspire and resonate with anyone who has ever struggled to overcome their own hardships or who desires the courage to forge their own path. 

About the Author
Dima Ghawi is Middle Eastern in her genes and a global citizen in spirit.

With two decades of experience leading cross-cultural teams, managing client relationships, and developing talent for companies like IBM, Merrill Lynch, and Intuit, Dima combines corporate expertise with her inspiring personal story to captivate and motivate audiences.

Through keynote speeches, interactive workshops, dynamic training programs, personalized coaching, and an online com- munity, Dima shares her leadership journey with one goal in mind: to ignite others to reimagine their potential and take daring actions.

Dima speaks to the leaders, the visionaries, and the rebels who are ready to shatter their limitations.

For more information about Dima’s work, visit dimaghawi.com




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